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September 15, 2009


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i know, i know everyone has done one of these blah blah blah whatever, i am going to do one myself :meow: so sue me :shrug:

violet by yunhyunjung Violet by thienbao Violet by cblue Kiss Violet by Medusa-Dollmaker Electric violet by Nihal82 violet forest 01 by negromante violet by xMissTake +Violet Dream+ by moroka323 Violet by KdPhotos violet. by LeandrasStock + Violet + by souhail88 violet by joopmilder violet truth by moex Violet Drops by StacyD .violet. by witchlady750 violet.. by little--wing violet by LordSaddler :thumb104284605: Violet by DemonMathiel violet by tea-pot Paint it Violet... by hionic Violet by Tokala Violet Universe by StacyD Violet by madilar Into The Violet. by OrchidFeehan :thumb76982358: violet by stetre76 violet by CatchMe-22 :thumb78433346: Blue... by jocarra Arcane Tarot XVIII: The Moon by temiel Purple Lock by Alomie :thumb132276732: blue by mR-StIck blue by Holodnaia Blue by WiciaQ Blue by Chansie blue by Khulood .-BLUE-. by lildragonKaida On the Blue by cemplux -- Blue -- by AshleyxBrooke Blue by colors4mind Blue by ew-cia :: Blue :: by Liek blue by maverick-t11 Bleeds in Blue by EvilxElf Bleed it blue by Caipirina Blue Moon by microbot23 Blue by Rykardo blue by sabreclaw :thumb55123163: Feeling Blue by lowapproach :thumb78113195: Blue by ninazdesign .:Blue:. by kubcia Blue by SplutPhoto Blue by littlemewhatever Blue by kgeri blue eyes by marziiporn five blue by jinyjin baby Blue by ninazdesign Deep Blue by Yaninah Little blue star by Zindy :thumb102452861: Blue Star by gogirlanime into the blue. by magnesina Everything is Possible by Hanafae Blue. by ninazdesign Blue by megoboom :thumb85991895: Royal Green by DemonMathiel green by skinship Green by Bosorka green by Khulood green by JamesStewart green. by moronaromadesign Green eye by sa-cool Green by DRagonka :thumb74451016: green by afflictedyard Green by AnatemaDevice :thumb54380671: Green Cat by hibbary green by ssilence Green by BalchPhoto Green day by tachsheet-Jeulian :thumb78278155: Green path by KariLiimatainen Green by ThorHakonsen GREEN by SenselessDot green eyes... by gnato Green umbrella by MotyPest Green by Navanna green by thehairlab Green by MeemzZz :thumb83758657: Green by Blache123 green by drak0nia green by i-shadow yellow by Dimrosta87 Yellow by CaterpillarOfAngst Yellow by spiffyramen yellow by i-shadow - Yellow - by lunatis :thumb74371244: Yellow by nikema yellow by Mizoka yellow by spacemonk Yellow by Lotart Yellow by j-adree Yellow by HappyHappyJoe Yellow by MeemzZz Splash of Yellow by CoWin In Yellow by Natasek :thumb135285971: Yellow by BenoitAubry :thumb52114515: Yellow by siniebraico Yellow flower IV by sa-cool yellow by galligalli Yellow by Mag4li yellow bricked road by tearsoft Yellow by Oscarmeyer :thumb108520007: Mellow yellow by Basistka :thumb61805658: Yellow Feelings by PhilipMatthewsYellow Heart by XxXBiancaXxX Yellow by pyro303
Upside Down by SmirkyMuffin CRABS FROM ABOVE by Blue-Eyed-Tricksters :thumb136803288: Orange by sa-cool Orange. by arazugur Orange by elinvik :thumb114075722: orange by shelbyfuckinparadize Orange by ankhaaa1 Orange by merwize Orange Cliche by ValentinaKallias ORANGE by Khulood :thumb34449275: ORANGE by CRISTYNNA-NECROPOLIS orange by i-shadow Orange flower by sa-cool Orange Sunset by night-fate yellow by toko songs of orange by lylianthe orange life. by gnato Orange by liiian Orange by fazmatilda ORANGE by gilad Orange juice by Lucem Orange by Tatalia Orange by LiNoR Orange savannah by dukacia Orange by markmarkmark Orange Blossom by bluewave orange by ssilence .orange... by Kazutaka-A Orange by PsyKatty Orange by stuntkid The sky is on fire by thedaydreaminggirl Orange by victorstd8 Orange by svpermchine Orange. by celeste-blacke :thumb123533263: :thumb123946442: RED by KeithEric Red by Katikut The Red Umbrella by larafairie Red by Jellings The Red... by xblackbutterflyx Red by Ania-Riz Red by lisa91 Little Red Riding Hood -COLOR- by JerryCai red wind by prismes red by rod-n :thumb19441956: red by zvzmng Red Wall 2 by White-Light-Filter Red by skatendavie magic red by xTive red balcony by ssilence Red .... by sametimenxtyr red shift by elementality Red Bubble by Jenni77 :thumb112491602: :thumb69177431: Red by mmaxxenn Red by gilad Rose Red by stuntkid Fade to Red by StudioQube red by kinkei Ab_aeterno by SpawnV2 Nebula and galaxy by tvlookplay Gentle Fuzz by flowerpower83 So far away by thedaydreaminggirl Pink by lessio Pink by BlackMageAlodia pink by AmbientAvatar .......In Pink by goldengirl11 PINK by kimu-sama PiNK by YuckFu :thumb38724992: Pink by Emielcia Pink by stasha-pistachio Pink by vilsen pink and messy. by vmbui Pink by 311surfchik :thumb21762527: think pink by sorceressmyr :thumb67769754: pink by oolovemeoo Pink by EvelynMoon :thumb18253053: pink egg by bas7a Pink by stonedbynature pink by elkah Pink by xxdrkanglsxx Pleu in Pink by grace-note Pink by violetda Pink fluffy lamp bulb by Geckly pink by jyoujo It's Not Pink by emptyinhalator Pink by neebow White Tiger by Kamirah
white by seafoodmwg white by testdrive White Peacock 01 by MapleRose-stock :thumb26160710: white by hakubaikou snow white by Linlith the white by mollyzhang White Stars by Zindy :thumb42068902: White by 12monthsOFwinter White by ChelseaIsAPansy White Desert by AdonisWerther white roses by tony2105 white by sugarlovepoison White Dream by Lilyas white by Monre White by Rykardo birth of the angel by pandabaka :thumb135330828: Black+White by AtXU Black and White by Kiraan Black passion by GirlishEvil Black Cloud by axcy lady black by pandabaka Black and White by oelje :thumb93272922: Black and white by tangytamarind Black and White by mariemadame :thumb104284981: Black by Habter black by idilsalihakuntuz Brown Eyed Woman.. by VisionPhotography Brown: by BakawaiiNya1 Looking Up - UPDATED by Popo-Licious Brown Winter by DelayedReality brown by porifra Brown And Green by patricktoifl brown july by julkusiowa This Is Brown... by formercat Brown man by toxicdelusions brown by ovidescovici Happy up here. by LeinDesign


white Night Blooming Cactus by tony2105 Perfection by Lilyas Rainbow by Dark-Misa Rainbow by eimy1992 ...::: Rainbow :::... by nyndream :thumb127149529: Rainbow in the sky by Emmahag another rainbow. by LenaCramer somewhere under the rainbow by eWKn Rainbow by xxbcxx at the end of the rainbow. by shanonaut Color, Motion by nortagem

:heart: self promotion :heart: </b>

:thumb136391092: :thumb131274209: :thumb131273981: :thumb129107864: :thumb129107818: h o p e by thepolishyogi :thumb128872256: :thumb128861845: :thumb128654018: :thumb128653759: Warhol's Bokeh by thepolishyogi Indigo by thepolishyogi :thumb126610213: Dripping by thepolishyogi
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goldengirl11 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010  Professional Photographer
Thank you so much for the feature.....Sorry it took me so long to get this..I'm not on here as goldengirl11 very much anymore, but I do appreciate the honor!
thepolishyogi Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
my pleasure! :D
bebefromtheblock Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2009   Photographer
thankssss dude;)
MapleRose-stock Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Rainbow!! thanks for the feature ^^
rose-y Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2009
T H A N K Y O U ! ! !

Very nice!!!
thepolishyogi Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
my pleasure :heart:
tony2105 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2009
I like the concept playing with colors to feature works, so attractive <3
xxbcxx Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you for featuring my work! :heart:
thepolishyogi Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
it was my pleasure :heart:
619warrior281 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
At first i thought you meant the artworks were sterotypical,but then i realized you meant the feature it's self was.Anyways,beautiful artwork!!
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